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On this page you'll find most of the information about our practice including our billing and appointment policies. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. As a small family practice, the best way to reach us is by phone and talking to our amazing receptionist: (08) 9938 3311. 


Online bookings with Dr Beukes and Dr Lim can be made at
Consultation is by appointment. Urgent cases are seen on the day. Booking a long appointment is important for more complex problems such as insurance medicals, health reviews, counselling etc. This may involve a longer wait. Please bring all relevant information. 
If more than one person from your family wishes to see the doctor at the same time, please ensure a separate appointment is made for each family member. 
Appointments may be refused if accounts are not up to date. It is the responsibility of the patient to supply us with the correct account information. 

Time is valuable to all of us. Please stick to your appointed consultation time. A standard appointment is 15 minutes which allows for 1-2 concerns. If you require more time please notify our receptionist when booking your appointment. If you go over your consultation period you will be charged for a longer appointment.
Please notify us in advance if you are unable to attend your appointment. If you fail to attend appointments without adequate explanation, we cannot guarantee you future appointments. Fees will be applied for not attending an appointment without notice.


Sunset Skin Cancer & Medical Clinic is a Private Billing Practice.
Prices vary based on time and complexity. Call the practice to find out about our prices. 
No discounts if accounts are not paid on the day of consultation.
Pensioners and Health Care Card holders could be eligible for discount on producing current cards.
Workers Compensation and insurance claims will be the responsibility of the patient until the claim number is received from the company. 
If referred to another health care provider it will remain the patient's responsibility for quotations from specialists and other health care providers. 
Private patients may pay a gap beyond the Medicare refunds and can include hospitals, other health care providers, and Private Health Fund providers, depending on the complexity of services and procedures. 

Call your health insurance before making a booking. 
Click HERE for a full list of our standard consultation prices. Please note, these prices are subject to change. We will inform you well in advance of any upcoming changes to our private billing structure. 

Practice Policies


It is your responsibility to ensure you follow up test results, particularly when practice staff or your doctor stresses that you do this. Ask reception staff on the best way to go about this. The nurse is available for results between 11pm - 12pm daily. 

It helps a lot if you can write a small bullet point list of your complaints before seeing the doctor. 

A computerized reminder system is available and used for follow up on many medical conditions. If you wish to participate in this please inform your doctor. This practice participates in State & National registrars.

We would like to hear about your concerns or suggestions. Please feel free to talk to your GP or the Practice Manager regarding any issues. If you prefer, you can contact the Health and Disability Services Complaints on 1800 813 583.
This practice is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorized members of staff and to comply with the Privacy Act. A small fee is charged for transfer of records. 
Our full Privacy Policy can be found HERE.

Special Practice Notes

This practice has a zero tolerance policy towards violence or aggression. 
We understand that when you or a loved one is sick you may feel stressed or anxious. Physical or verbal abuse are not tolerated and you may be refused future appointments. Please try to stay calm. If you need to talk our friendly staff are here to assist you. 
Dr Beukes and Dr Lim are competent at handling common health problems. When necessary, opinions from specialists can be used. You can discuss this openly with the doctor including potential out of pocket expenses. 
You are responsible to arrange your own appointments with other health care providers when a referral was given by our doctors. Please confirm with other Allied Health Providers and other specialist referrals about fees before making any bookings.

Administration Fees apply for faxes of referrals or reprints of any loss of medical referrals or blood request forms to other health providers. ​

Administration Fees apply for transfer of Medical Records to a different practice.

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